enjoy the wonderful days of christmas with your family and loved ones
and may 2013 be awesome! 


byaprilandmay online for a month now-

here our shop in instagram :)

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It's almost two weeks now since we have launched our shop byAprilandMay. And so many great items have found a new owner. Ofcourse we would like to tell you something more about the products in our shop and the designers behind them.

Let's start with our own graphic collection made by AprilandMay. We started working together with Maren Lösing to create our own label of graphic cards and prints for made by AprilandMay. Maren is a great designer creating beautiful graphic stuff and we are glad to work with her.

The first collection consists out of 5 graphic cards printed on recycled paper. The cards are A5 size, just a bit bigger then normal :). Also we have selected one print that we loved so much for a poster size, called Dots and Squares. And we will continue to create more :)

Love the above pictures Aimee made of the cards and posters. Thank you Aimee.

You can buy the cards and poster here in our shop. We were just wondering? What is your favourite piece and why?

xo Jantine and Vivian


WE ARE ONLINE with our brand new shop Byaprilandmay. We are so happy after months of hard work, shoots and late nights and are so excited that we can finally show you the result.

We hope to inspire you with the little and unique things.

Byaprilandmay is a beautiful love affair for things that are out there...

Take a look at our brand new site and ofcourse we like to know what you think of it. We will keep you updated with news and new products and also our own Byaprilandmay collection will be extended.

Today is a day we are celebrating!!!

with love Jantine and Vivian


you might have noticed that i haven't been blogging for a little while. 
we have been busy with a lot of stuff that is taking my time.

together with Jantine from the AprilandMay blog we are busy with some big interior projects and with our soon to be online webshop byAprilandMay,
we are hoping to make the deadline :) 

luckily we are getting some great help from our Aimee and we can have a little vacation..!

so, our thanks to Aimee, and.. soon we will be online, can't wait!

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do you already follow this tumblr-pagethis is my work-project at Mobilia Woonstudio where i try to post every day a beautiful, inspiring image.. 

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crazy days with a lot of lovely work to do.. 
will be posting soon more.