wouldn't it be awesome when zaha hadid wins the contest in the haque?

read the following info from designboom;

zaha hadid has been selected as one of the three finalists for the new dance and music center
on the spuiplein in the hague, the netherlands. the 'cultuurforum spui' is a 40 000 m2 project
that will be home to the royal conservatory, dutch dance theatre, the hague philharmonic
and the stichting foundation.

the project's initial approach was to understand the urban dynamics of the site by relating
and interacting with its immediate surroundings, the spuiplein and the neiuwe kerk. the form
of the roof line--starting at equal height to the lower buildings at the northwest and rising to
a peak at the eastern corner--makes it possible for the iconic landmark to nestle itself into
the city's already established skyline. a series of steps, gentle ramps and landscaping around
the base of the centre seamlessly connect the public domain with the atrium. an open air amphitheatre
can be created by the strategically placed steps in the plaza.

the design proposal features fluid, dynamic facades composed of a series of undulating horizontal
bands. the varying sizes and density of the bands create zones of varying opacity: solid planes host
more private programs while areas where the bands split and open up allow visual interaction
with its surroundings. the facade treatment also generates a variety of lighting conditions,
allowing for clear views in some spaces while merely showing silhouettes in others.

i would really like it, that's for sure!

that a look at her website for more work; zaha hadid.

enjoy your day!

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