saturday, it's queensday in holland, 
a day to celebrate the birthday of the queen, 
although it's not her birthday, but... ok a long story.. 

tomorrow night, it's queensnight,
a night we can sell all our pottery, books, clothes, toys etc etc...

so that's what i'm going to do.. i'll be back on sunday

enjoy your weekend! 
[ and if your in Alkmaar-Holland, 
                                 i'll be in front of the Jamin selling beautiful clothes! ]

2 opmerkingen:

Julie zei

en was het een goede dag, of zijn alle opbrengsten uitgegeven aan nieuwe vondsten:-)

Unknown zei

ahhhh Queens Day! I LOVED Queens Day when I visited Amsterdam... everything orange everywhere, and the best flea market that's as big as a whole city... heaven... Thanks for reminding me xo