so why not give you a good, special, amazing, beautiful, must-see shop in my country, 
in case you're visiting.. 

a store in amsterdam, with a french denim touch; tenue de nimes.

tenue de nimes is located at elandsgracht 60, amsterdam
they have a webshop, and, what i like most, is there 'journal de nimes'

just a little something about them;

'Tenue de Nîmes represents a natural blend of carefully selected items that all enrich life in one way or another. Although the store unites several unique items ranging from vintage US army watches and Persol sunglasses to photography and design, the shop's primary focus is on denim. Everything between the walls of the denim inspired boutique is interconnected and has an underlying link to the heritage of jeans. Tenue de Nîmes claims to have a pair of jeans for anyone, male or female' 

have a look at the following pictures of the store;

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roelservice zei

Yes! What a great store!! And just at the back of the Stylish The Dylan Hotel