good, special, amazing, beautiful, must-see shop,

we stay in paris. just to get you in the mood.

a lovely shop- visit their blog, so you can see what they have, and dubble check their opening hours.. only from thursday to saturday...!

5 opmerkingen:

Johanna VS zei

oh, it looks so cute. I looove Paris so I looove all your Paris-inspiration ;)


Mimii zei

Oooh I don't know this shop, I have to go !!! I love the first pic :)

le petit bird zei

oh you should realy go! it's was closed when we were there... but oh, how i wish to buy tose little houses!

**EYE-SNACKS** zei

Oh..I love those houses :-)
but you did know that already..

E. zei

I love this shop too! So great to see it featured here! But it's true, they're always closed when you find yourself at their door :-)

x E.