good, special, amazing, beautiful, must-see shop:

what they say about hutspot:

'A new concept store which is located in the heart of Amsterdam on the Utrechtsestraat no. 34. 
In our shop (young) entrepreneurs get the ability to sell their products in part of the store.

The art on the wall, the lamps hanging from the ceiling, the green job bank for our cashier to an old, blue Vespa 90cc engine. 

Currently their are over 16 different brands and everything you see is for sale.
Except our shop dog Gumbo.' 

i'm curious! 
utrechtsestraat 34, amsterdam 

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Lisanne van de Klift zei

Wat een geweldig gave naam! Hutspot :-)
Het ziet er fantastisch uit. Goede tip. Bedankt voor delen!
Love those brick walls.. ik heb er net een post over geblogd!

Love Lisanne