Hi all! My name is Jenn and I am a writer for Arcadian Home Decor, which is an e-commerce website that specializes in top home decor ideas around the world. For as long as I can remember I have loved home decor, home accessories, and more, and I feel so lucky that I now get to write about home decor for a living. Every day I scour the net for great interior design blogs and I have always been a fan of le petit bird told me - I feel so honoured to be guest posting here today!

Displaying a great collection is a way to not only add visual interest to a room but personalize it a bit too - collections can be displayed in any room, as long as it is done in a stylish way. Whether it's table decor, wall art, or even wall clocks, these special finds deserve a great showcase. Here are eight spaces and collections that may inspire you to start curating your own collection.

Mountains of movies

Collection Displays

apartment therapy (via)

DVDs can take up a lot of room, but when stored neatly in open shelves or in custom-made drawers, they can be fun and attractive in any space.

Dashes of dishes

Collection Displays

Mary Maki Rae (via)

Charger plates, dishware, and glassware all look stunning in this antique armoire, outfitted with hooks so that even dainty teacups can take centre stage.

Slews of spoons

Collection Displays

Essential curiosities (via)

Using a pegboard such as this is a great way to create wall art out of a collection, such as this wooden spoon set hung over a sideboard.

Plenty of prints

Collection Displays

Interior Decline (via)

Many people enjoy collecting retro-inspired prints such as these - hanging them in a unique way, such as using hangers like the display here, turns an ordinary collection into something extraordinary.

Many a crafts

Collection Displays

Spearmint Baby (via)

Kids' artwork can quickly add up and it doesn't always look great stuck to a fridge door, so give the little artists of the house a fun way to show off their crafts with something whimsical, like these wires with clips.

A plethora of Pez

Collection Displays

oh so lovely vintage (via)

Even vintage toy and candy collections deserve a worthy display - lined up neatly on open shelves they become a bright and playful centrepiece to a bedroom.

Tons of tick-tocks

Collection Displays

casasugar (via)

A great collection of wall clocks looks visually appealing hung on a spacious kitchen wall (just make†sure none of them go tick-tock!)

Heaps of hankies

Collection Displays

Glam Lamb (via)

Vintage handkerchiefs looks so pretty in square frames - this grid set-up is a beautiful way to show off a collection of these dainty linens.

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