Hello all! 
Let me present to you, our project L’Atelier des Cousines, which is a workshop for creative and driven collectors at heart.  
We nurture a passion for beautiful objects and the art of creating charming atmospheres. 

We are the founders, Elisabet and Cristina, born in Barcelona.
This project was born as a tribute to our grandmother Elisea, a tenacious and enterprising woman who has inspired us in the selection of textiles that dressed our childhood years. 

We have undertaken to find textiles of times past, selecting in each case the most promising application to make them as attractive as possible.  
We strive to use them in new ways and prolong their life cycles in contemporary style. 

In our search, we have discovered some treasures and some treasures have discovered us. Together, we have developed the concept which has become L'Atelier des Cousines. 

The first proposal from L’Atelier des cousines:  Children’s Cushions 

L’Atelier des Cousines offers a selection for young children : Scottish Collection for boys and Village Collection for girls. 

This collection daringly sprinkles kaleidoscopic colours in children's bedrooms to create a marvellous, multi-coloured world where cushions and pillows contribute to the oneiric atmosphere.  Flower prints, Vichy plaid, 100% cotton in olive green, violet, pumpkin orange and lilac combined with matching tassels 
make for perfect accessories to liven up children’s spaces and atmospheres. 

Textiles for girls convey chic romanticism.
For boys we have selected the emblematic plaid inspired by the latest trends in children’s runways.  

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